'Lost Time' is a film that looks into the issues surrounding mental well-being after the death of a loved one. The story focuses on two brothers, looking at how they've coped following the passing of their father, and what they must go through to gain closure.

Filming for 9 Minds Production’s Lost Time is now complete but the work is far from over. Now onto the edit! 
We have the fantastic Ray Brooks (@raybrooksofficial) composing an original score and would love to be in the position to professionally record this. Although this is a greater expense, a professionally recorded score with live musicians would elevate the film. 
We are therefore asking for donations and your support to help us complete this production to the highest professional standard. 
If you weren’t already aware, the top three donors get listed as Executive Producers in the credits of our film! The cut off for this is 20th March, so if you want to get a credit, get donating. To all that have donated so far, thank you for your ongoing support and we can’t wait for you to see the end result!
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